ENDWORLD – A Novel is the first of a planned trilogy that I endearingly refer to as The Endworld Series (though that name is not official). The sequels, CHILDREN OF ENDWORLD and HEAVEN AND ENDWORLD are currently being revised and rewritten, much like ENDWORLD – A Novel was. As of 4/27/16:

CHILDREN OF ENDWORLD: The first draft is DONE. It’s in the hands of a number of my most trusted “peeps,” i.e. my Beta Readers presently. I’m awaiting their feedback. As soon as I receive it I’ll be incorporating it, revising and adding/subtracting as needed and eventually (hopefully very, very soon) turning it over to my Editor extraordinare, Amy Cohen.

As the process of finalizing CHILDREN and beginning Book Three, HEAVEN AND ENDWORLD continues, I will post regular updates to this page. I promise I won’t make people wait another 19 years to read more about William MacNuff’s journey, his world and what happens to him there in the near future. God willing.

Stay tuned!


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